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ATPL Training

                          ATPL - Next Start Date: 15th of September 2014

                         9 month intensive training, Theory and Flight-training




IR-ICAO -> EASA-IR(CB) no written exams required any more..

New 8-2014
Now you can convert your ICAO-IR rating to and EASA IR(CB)-Rating without any written exams...read more


Training with Fly-in-Spain



Next residential ATPL course starts 15th of September...

next residential ATPL Semi-Integrated course will start on the 15th of September in Jerez.
next: ATPL residential Theory Training starts 15th of October
ATPL residential

Acrobatic traning start September with the EXTRA 200

See the details of the Acrobatic training on the EXTRA 200 Acrobat Training

We are looking for Flight Instructors...

to support our team in Jerez.

Please send us your CV.

Experienced FI preferred!
Good level of English required.

EASA new´s: IR-CB availiable... reduced theory and flight training

Competence Based IR (IR-CB) is now available for all PPL and CPL pilots.

Reduced requirements making IR now very attractive for all pilots...!

read more --->

EASA flight training Academy

We are certified by:


and with

  • LBA- Germany
  • Batzl- Switzerland
  • Spain


and with the CAA of: 

France, Belguim, Portugal, Noway, Finland, Sweden, Italien... and more...

to conduct Skill Test  and LPC