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Morocco 2006

Pilot requirements

  • At least 100 hours flying experience, preferably more. Also familiarity with the aeroplane to be flown.
  • You should at least have had some experience in flying long cross country flights to new, previously unknown aerodromes.
  • Language skills: Each pilot must be fully capable of communicating with the air traffic control in English. This is essential in France, Morocco, and Spain.
  • Further, we recommend that each pilot has a co-pilot, at least someone who can help out and take over in long journeys so that the trip is less stressful.


Minimum equipment for each aeroplane

  • Minimum 500 km range on full tanks
  • Navigations equipment, (standard compass, GPS)
  • Radio and Traffic control frequencies
  • On board tools
  • Life jackets for over water flights
  • Emergency flares
  • ELT (optional)
  • First aid kit
  • At least 2 Litres of water and emergency rations
  • Insurance, coverage for Europe with confirmation and an extention to Morocco, travel insurance with repatriation service (each participant must organise his own)


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Marokko 2006

"Die Grosse Reise - 2006"

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