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LPCS - Cascais

Cascais (LPSC) is the airport for general aviation in Lisbon. A superbly equipped aerodrome, they provide every service: 100 LL. Jet Fuel, Flight planning office, Weather room, Tower Restaurant with a patio.

The landing fees and over night parking for a Cessna 210 are around 30,- Euros.

Cascais is the ideal starting point for a trip to Lisbon. What with the cultural attractions, the colourful night life, and the good restaurants, Cascais is a must!



If you don’t want to travel to Lisbon, it is also nice to stay in Cascais. The beach is lined with hotels and restaurants.

For those going to Lisbon, the Flight planning office can order you a taxi. Its about 25 km away and should cost around 16 E. There is plenty of choice as far as restaurants and hotels are concerned!


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