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Flying Holidays: The Big Round Trip

A journey around Portugal and Spain, possibly including Mallorca and Ibiza

If you would like to spend a week here, you could do what the Spanish say: Vuelta Iberica experience, ie. a round trip of the Iberian peninsula. If that’s not enough, then you could also add Mallorca and Ibiza to your itinery. Flying is the ultimate freedom!



The complete flying time should take around 10 to 15 hours, calculated for a Cessna 172 or a Piper Archer II (100 to 115 kts / hr).

The journey can be arranged to centre around whatever you wish, i.e. countrysiode, or coast lines; big cities or small towns; but we would recommend a little bit of everything.


We are here to help you put the route together and carry out the necessary planning.


We will provide the maps and the approach charts that you need, and if there is a problem at any point on your journey, we are there to help you!



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Morocco individual...

A long weekend in Marrakech…!

Take a Ryanair flight form London-Stansted (mostly less then 20 pounds) and fly to Jerez de la Frontera – our base.
Take a aircraft from us and take of for an unforgettable weekend…!
If you like we can supply you a safety-pilot or if you are not a pilot – one of our pilots will fly you

Bild Spend the nights in one of the beautiful hotels or old palaces (RIAD) in Marrakech

details ...

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