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Welcome to Fly-in-Spain - Jerez Airport

EASA - Professional Flight Training Centre

We fly from Jerez de la Frontera (LEJR) in Andalucia, one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Europe with perfect flying weather all year round. 


Airline - Pilot - Training

8 month residential training starting form Zero -> PPL, ATPL theory, CPL-ME-IR, all inclusive
in our Flight Training Centre Jerez-Spain...
see the details -->



PPL-A  training

CAA-UK - Approved ATO for PPL training  - all training in English -

all examiner with us, theory exams, RT-Exams, UK-IMC training,



CPL-A  training

CAA-UK - Approved ATO and Austro-Control Approved ATO/FTO



IR Rating - SEP and ME

Training on our SIM-FNPT II and on our Aircrafts (SEP and ME)



MEP          and          ME-IR         

       Multi-Engine Rating VFR           Upgrade training for MEP and IR Pilots



Licence-Conversons form all ICAO-licenses to EASA-Licenses


License revalidation for PPL, CPL and all Ratings like ME, IR, MEIR, SEP

We do all Exams for all Licenses and Ratings with our Examiners in Jerez

Why to Train with Fly-in-Spain ?

There are a lot of good reasons to choose Fly-in-Spain for your Training!   read more...




2 new FIS-Training-Aircrafts arrived in Jerez - ready to use for our Students!

The PS28 Curiser with Glass Cockpit

We are also Distributor for Spain and Portugal >>> more details


We are specialists in License conversion form ICAO to EASA

We accept all JAR/EASA - ATPL theory-Exams from all JAR/EASA counties!!

Pilots from all over the world, can do there license conversion to an EASA license with us!

Just contact us and we will show you the root!



FAA training first - than convert to EASA
does not make any more sense!!
the EASA regulation have changed there is only small credit for FAA training
you will spend more money and much more time!
see the comparison
just go strait to the EASA CPL-IR-ME with frozen ATPL with
our Semi Integrated Training in Jerez
all in 8 month!

More Training offers:
  • Revalidation of Licences - SEP-MEP-IR
  • Refresher Training
  • RT-written and practical test
  • Language Prof. Test L-6
  • IMC- training for UK only



Time Building - For Pilots

with C 150 or C 172

special offers and best prices for

25 h and 50 h packages

including AC + Accommodation +

Rental Car


Touring - Spain - Portugal +  Morocco

Just rent an aircraft form us, you will get all necessary briefing,

maps and all you will need.. Beautiful trips to Portugal- Lisbon... or to Morocco... for a long weekend Marrakech or

just touring to a numerous lovely location in Spain...


since April 2013 on all European countries are EASA and all Training will be done according PART-FCL

We can take over all your Theory what you have done in any other EASA country and you can continue do the flight training with us!



Flying Tours and Safaris

You fly by yourself with one of our aircraft, we will give you all necessary information
to fly in Spain, to Portugal or to Morocco… or, if you prefer, you can have a safety-pilot to guide you…


Scenic Flights – for Pilots and non Pilots
If you just want to enjoy the world from above, fly with us to one of the unforgettable
locations in Spain, Portugal or Morocco...




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Photo and Video fights

With Fly-in-Spain you can make your professional or hobby photos and videos.
We are certified to do professional air work and we have professional film equipment…

Have a look at our latest project we have flown for aerial photography:





www. aircaft-service-jerez.net/300





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Our training Authorities:



caa    ea

ATPL from O - new Course starts - 15th of Sept. 2014

ATPL – Residential Training

Start form Zero –> to ATPL with CPL-ME-IR

ATPL residential theory start 17th. of March 14

Total time of the course

8 Month

High Quality + Accelerated training

All inclusive, Best Price !!!

Ground School, Flight Training,Tests, Accommodation...
in our FIS-Flight Training Centre Jerez

for more informmation...

Next Flight Instructor Course FI(A) – beginning of 2014

Reservation is open now!

accelerated and intensive training  4 weeks

UK- Instructor – highest level - starts 13th of May

1 to 1 teaching

For further information just send us a mail!


send the mail...
Time Building...

Cessna 150 - 25 hours,
+1 week appartment- Jerez
+Rental Car (Cat.A) 
form  2975.-€uro on..

Cessna 150 - 50 hours,
+2 weeks appartment- Jerez
+Rental Car (Cat. A) 
from  5750.- €uro on..



Cessna 172 -
we have the same offers..


ask for actual conditons!

see details...
VIP - Training
  • You like to do an accelerated training
  • You are short on time..
  • You want to have your private instructor
  • And your special aircraft
Just send us a mail and we will prepare a special offer for you..!
more details

http://www.fly-in-spain.com - Spanien, Andalusien - Tel. 0034 / 699 775 501 - Fax 0034 / 956 448 532 - E-Mail: info@fly-in-spain.com